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Holmdel Creative Arts Association Events




IH Fall Play ..... 27


HTG Fall Play ..... 18 and 19


WRS Fall Play ..... 2 and 3

IH Band/Choral ..... 7

VS 2 Winter Concert ..... 8

WRS Choral/Bells ..... 13

HHS Choral/Bells ..... 15

VS3 Winter Concert ..... 15

WRS Instrumental ..... 20

HHS Instrumental .....22



Poetry Out Loud ....5

IH Talent Show ..... 12

HCAA Karaoke .....13

WRS Musical ..... 20 and 21

Acting/Dance Showcase ..... 25


HCAA Teacher Talent Show ..... 24


District Art Show ..... 9 - 12

HTG Winter Musical ..... 9-11

VS2 Spring Musical ..... 27

District Music Concert ..... 28

VS3 Spring Musical ..... 30


HCAA Photo Contest Opens ..... 1

WRS Talent Show ..... 20

HHS Film Festival ..... 28


IH Spring Musical ..... 4

HHS Jazz Band ..... 5

WRS Choral/Bells Concert .....23

IH Spring Band/Choral ..... 24

IH Art Show....24

VS 1 Spring Concert....25

HHS Choral/ Bells Concert ..... 30


HTG One Act Plays ..... 1,2 and 3

WRS Spring Instrumental ..... 6

HHS Spring Instrumental ..... 8

HHS Acting/Dance Showcase ..... 15


The HCAA is a fun and friendly parent group that supports the arts in the district. The funds raised by our efforts provide scholarships to graduating seniors and grant wish list items not covered by the school budgets to our teachers in all four schools. We are looking for parents to help us in our fundraising efforts! Just a few hours a month can make a huge difference. Are you a whiz at organizing events, selling concessions, computer knowledge?
We'll take it!!!
Any help is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

This year's HCAA events include;
TAKE A SEAT CAMPAIGN - We sell dedication plates that are placed on the auditorium seats in the high school's performing arts center. You can become a permanent part of the Holmdel Township School District.

THE AD JOURNAL - Our "book" of community business ads, given out at the district events. Get your business seen by thousands of local consumers, or recognize a loved one with an ad.

SHOW CONCESSIONS - We sell our famous "Got Talent ?" tee shirts, snacks, drinks, and cast and crew photos at all the school shows.

KARAOKE NIGHT - Join your friends for a hilarious evening of good food and good (?) singing. Sing a song for a great cause.

TEACHER TALENT SHOW & TEACHER TALENT SHOW GAME SHOW EDITION - They do more than teach! Come support your favorite teachers from all four schools as they put their hidden talents on display.

VILLAGE IN BLOOM - This adults only event, modeled after an upscale art gallery opening, showcases collaborative art pieces created by each Village School art class. Mingle and view the amazing artwork in a beautiful art gallery. Each unique masterpiece is then auctioned off, allowing you the chance to own a memento of your child's elementary years.

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